Winner of Rowan Hillson Award 2022 unveiled

A Birmingham-based team managed by a top academic clinical fellow has won the prestigious Rowan Hillson Award this year.   

Dr Punith Kempegoda and his team from DEKODE and the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust were awarded the accolade for their cloud-based DKA management monitoring system.

Used across several trusts, users of the app can access all of the latest support, tools and guidance on DKA. In addition, DKA data during the COVID-19 pandemic is available on the app.

The judges outlined: “This was a very well thought out, adaptable project, focussing on one of the main areas of harm.

“It is an outstanding initiative engaging those at the front line through a QI initiative, combined with excellent support tools and guidance.”

They added: “The impact on uniformity of care across the various hospitals is an important achievement.”

A team led by Dr Adrian Li from King’s College were close runners up for a project on remote blood glucose monitoring as a means to facilitate admission avoidance and safe early discharges during the pandemic.

Organised by the Joint British Diabetes Societies for Inpatient Care (JBDS-IP), this year’s award was led by Dr Umesh Dashora and Diabetes Nurse Consultant Erwin Castro.

After the awards were postponed last year due to the pressures on hospital teams during the pandemic, this year the judges were looking for the best interventions that were adopted during the coronavirus lockdowns.

An independent panel chaired by Dr Hillson MBE judged this year’s submissions against predetermined criteria.

To read the winning submission, click here.

To read the runner up’s submission, click here.

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