Giving statins to people in hospital with COVID-19 shown to benefit those with diabetes

Using statins in hospital for people with COVID-19 and diabetes has been linked to reducing mortality rates by almost 60%, a recent study reveals.

The research has also associated the use of statins with a 40% decrease in admissions to ICU and 55% less requirement for mechanical ventilation.

The use of statins for individuals without diabetes who were in hospital with COVID-19, were not notably linked to any of the clinical outcomes being investigated.

The co-author of the study, Doctor Prateek Lohia, commented: “the presence of diabetes mellitus was an important factor affecting this association between inpatient statins and clinical outcomes”.

922 people with COVID-19 were analysed divided into two groups dependant on whether they received statins in hospital, or not. Around 45% of these patients had pre-existing or a history of diabetes.

Approximately 27.1% of the 922 individuals received statins in hospital, and 32.9% of the people with a history of diabetes received statins.

The main statin medication used was Atorvastatin, given to 82% of the 922.

Dr Lohia said: “Our findings indicate that the continuation of statin therapy seems to be safe in hospitalized COVID-19 patients who were using statins as home medications, unless they present with one of the contraindications for statin administration, although randomized control trials are warranted to provide the best level of evidence.”

This study, published in the journal Cardiovascular Diabetology, was built on previous work from Dr Lohia’s lab assessing the use of statins at home.

She commented: “Building upon our previous work, this study identifies a reduction in the severe disease outcomes among antecedent statin users who were continued on statins in the hospital, compared to those whose statins were discontinued in the hospital.”

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