DISN UK Group require new committee members

A top diabetes group is looking for healthcare professionals to join its inpatient nursing committee. 

The Diabetes Inpatient Specialist Nurses (DISN) UK Group is growing its committee to have more influence on national inpatient improvement measures.

New committee members will help shape the future of inpatient care for individuals with diabetes.

The group aims to recruit both new and highly experienced diabetes specialist nurses, and it would welcome applications from diabetes clinical assistants.

Joining the committee will give diabetes specialist nurses the opportunity to:

  • Liaise with national organisations such as JBDS and NICE to influence national guidance for people with diabetes in hospital
  • Develop their skills at both reviewing and/or writing national guidelines
  • Develop their confidence and presentation skills at national level
  • Develop their leadership skills
  • Increase their social media presence within the diabetes healthcare community
  • Have their say in the future of diabetes care.

The DISN UK Group has been meeting and sharing best practice to improve the care of people with diabetes in hospital since 2004.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday, June 7. Interviews will take place via Microsoft Teams on Friday, June 17.

To apply, send the completed application form to ecastro@nhs.net or esther.walden@diabetes.org.uk.

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