CDEP launches new learning disabilities, autism and diabetes topic

Health and social care staff are invited to complete a new CDEP module which focuses on improving care for people living with diabetes, autism and / or learning disabilities. 

People living with autism and learning disabilities have significantly poorer health outcomes than the general population.

According to the Leder Report 2022, they are more likely to die 20 to 30 years earlier, and 42 per cent of these deaths are avoidable.

Staff from all health and social care sectors, who have already completed this training, report that it’s a “very worthwhile subject” and that the “shocking data” has made a significant impact on them, making them alter their approach to working with this group of people.

Candice Ward, CDEP Lead, said: “We hope by raising health and social care staff’s awareness and helping them make reasonable adjustments to services, people living with learning disabilities, autism and diabetes can be appropriately supported to attend routine health checks and receive optimal care.

“This will ultimately improve their overall health and wellbeing. As far as CDEP is aware, this training is unique and fills an important unmet need.”

She added: “CDEP would like to thank all the people who contributed to the development of this training and especially those who shared their powerful lived experiences.”

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