Comic transporting us into the world of diabetes inpatient care launched

A comic magazine addressing everyday situations that take place in hospital for people with diabetes is now available to read online. 

The new edition, ‘Diabetes: Secret Wards, Part 1: Enter the Vortex’, is the latest release in the range of MulT1verse comics and aims to raise the profile of diabetes inpatient care.

Readers are transported into the world of work for everyday healthcare professionals when caring for people who end up in hospital for various reasons and are living with diabetes.

The comic introduces three healthcare workers, Dr Krisha, Nurse Santiago and ward pharmacist Imani aboard the HEALED Starship: the Hodgkin.

In order to return to their “usual space and time”, they must work together to complete a range of diabetes case studies given to them by a holoprojection of Professor Gerry Rayman.

Diabetes: Secret Wars was developed by leading diabetes consultants Dr Partha Kar, of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and Dr Mayank Patel, of University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust in collaboration with people living with diabetes.

The authors said: “We would like to dedicate this issue to all healthcare professionals who support inpatient diabetes care (thank you!) and say thank you to our guest reviewers.

“We hope you enjoy this adventure, which is literally ‘out of this world’, but at the same time is not.”

Designed by Revolve Comics, part one of the comic is currently available to read for free online.

To find out more and to read the comic, click here.

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