Diabetes Specialist Nurse features in the latest podcast episode

A leading Diabetes Specialist Nurse spoke to our reporter Lucy Holmes about her “busy world” being a clinical lead diabetes nurse and how diabetes became a huge part of her life.

Katie Hards discussed her journey into caring for people with diabetes, from being a student nurse doing the Diabetic Association children’s holidays to leading a team of inpatient and outpatient diabetes services.

During the episode, Katie also spoke about the important role of band 4 non-registered staff nurses in diabetes inpatient care.

According to Katie, these non-registered staff nurses: “Can really drive change forward while developing their skills and expertise,” and have become “The right arms that we need and value very much.”

The Clinical Lead Diabetes Nurse from the Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust also discussed the challenges currently facing diabetes specialist nurses (DSNs), the impact of COVID-19 on diabetes inpatient care, and how these services can be improved by “getting the basics right”.

Katie also talked about the ongoing projects she is working on, including ‘Top to Toe’ which is looking to capture the nine care processes for people frequently coming into podiatry and preventing them from getting lost in the system.

To listen to the sixth episode of ‘The Inpatient Podcast’, click here.

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