New Masters in peripheral vascular disease offers CPD opportunities

A new course in peripheral vascular disease is set to help to address a public health need and a gap in healthcare training.

A Master of Science in Advancing Practice in Peripheral Vascular Disease will be available at Birmingham City University from January 2023, providing CPD opportunities for healthcare professionals.

This newly designed course has been developed to meet the needs of interdisciplinary healthcare practitioners working in partnership with people in relation to peripheral vascular disease.

This innovative online course is designed to help students gain a greater and advanced understanding of the complexities of diagnosing and managing peripheral vascular disease (PVD) and how best to support and enable effective individualised self-management and develop limb salvage.

It is suitable for healthcare professionals including hospital-based doctors, specialist nurses and podiatrists, sonographers and specialist roles in other healthcare sectors.

The primary aim of the course is to support and enable students to critically explore and analyse existing and developing theories and concepts that underpin PVD and will equip students to embrace a strategic leadership role in the development and delivery of efficient, innovative, evidence based PVD services.

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