Healthcare professionals urged to sign up for AI and diabetic foot ulcer webinar

A new online event dedicated to artificial intelligence and diabetic foot ulcer management has attracted a huge amount of interest less than a month after opening registrations.

SpectralMD will be hosting the webinar which is set to explore how developing technologies involving artificial intelligence (AI) can improve healing prediction and have a positive impact on patient outcomes.

Entitled ‘AI in DFU Management: Is the future here already?’, the virtual event will outline how AI can optimise the clinical management of diabetic foot ulcers (DFU).

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, April 17, from 7pm to 8pm, and healthcare professionals are being urged to register for the event.

Professor Paul Chadwick, Executive Vice President of SpectralMD, is chairing the online session. He will be joined by Andrew Sharpe, Advanced Podiatrist at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, and Mark Portou, Vascular Consultant at the Royal Free Hospital in London, who are both speaking during the webinar.

During the virtual event, delegates will understand the limitations of current DFU assessments and predictive models and hear discussions on how technology is developing to improve predictive accuracy.

To attend, register here.

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