Education to ‘play vital role’ in reducing number of excess diabetes deaths

A renowned international diabetes centre believes that “education is a key weapon” in the battle against diabetes after a new report has revealed thousands of excess deaths in people living with the condition.

Leicester Diabetes Centre (LDC) is now urging individuals living with the condition to become more aware of diabetes and how to reduce their risk of complications.

National programmes such as the Desmond programme can offer a wealth of knowledge to people living with the condition enabling them to feel more confident in their approach to their health, after a report published by Diabetes UK has identified a significant increase in diabetes deaths and a deeply alarming number of missed checks.

Education for healthcare professional is also critical as the report shows there were more than 7,000 excess deaths involving people with diabetes in 2022, a rise of 13 per cent from pre-pandemic levels – with data suggesting the majority of these were not attributable directly to COVID-19.

Worryingly, the situation has only worsened in the first part of 2023, with 1,461 excess deaths between January and March, three times as high as the same period in 2022.

Laura Willcocks, at LDC, said: “This report highlights the urgent need for educating people with diabetes and healthcare professional alike, as it is a key weapon in the fight against diabetes.

“The findings underscore the critical role that education can play in helping individuals manage their condition effectively.”

She added: “By providing people living with diabetes access to education programmes, they can learn how to make informed decisions about their health, improve their self-management skills, and reduce the risk of complications.”

Leicester Diabetes Centre is answering the global challenge of type 2 diabetes and long-term conditions through world-leading research, education and innovation.

Based at Leicester General Hospital, the 3,000m2 centre is a unique collaboration between the University of Leicester and University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Founded in 2012, the centre is home to the award-winning DESMOND and EDEN programmes; that ensure the findings of LDCs innovative research continues to achieve impact beyond the research setting.

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