Healthcare company donates prize for insulin safety competition

A Guildford-based healthcare business handed over a luxury hamper to a team which went the extra mile for a national campaign aimed at reducing insulin errors in hospitals.

Insulin Safety Week is held every year to educate nurses, doctors and other healthcare staff in hospitals and GP surgeries about insulin and the need to understand the drug and use it safely.

As part of the campaign, hospital teams were challenged to create powerful displays and training events to share this important message.

GlucoRx – the UK’s largest supplier of innovative, cost-effective management solutions for people with diabetes – was one of the sponsors of this year’s Insulin Safety Week and launched a photo competition to encourage diabetes teams to get creative with their awareness campaigns.

Teams across the UK and Ireland were urged to share photos of their creations on social media using the hashtag, #SnapYourStandISW. The photo entries demonstrated the mammoth effort teams made to help spread the vital message about insulin safety.

GlucoRx judged the team from University Hospital Southampton (UHS) as the winner of the photo competition, delivering a hamper as a reward for those who designed and delivered the campaign at the hospital.

GlucoRx’s Chief Operating Officer Chris Chapman said: “The UHS team created a display which was bright, eye-catching and packed full of useful information. Engaging with colleagues is crucial when it comes to spreading this important message about insulin safety, and UHS created an attention-grabbing display which did just that.

“We were proud to sponsor this campaign, which aims to keep people with diabetes safe, whoever they are being cared for in hospital.”

This year, 523 sites took part in Insulin Safety Week, which ran from May 15 to May 21. Participating sites staged training events using Insulin Safety Week resources to help spread the word.

GlucoRx Limited, based in Henley Business Park, is the largest supplier of quality diabetic products to the NHS. Founded in 2010, the company is committed to improving the lives of people with diabetes.

In addition, it offers significant savings on blood glucose meters and diabetes management solutions without compromising on quality and patient care.

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