Diabetes app now accessible on Apple devices

Healthcare professionals with an interest in diabetes care can now access a specialist app which contains key decision-making tools on all Apple devices. 

Trend Diabetes has launched an app to provide healthcare professionals with important information on how to improve the care for individuals with diabetes.

Designed for healthcare professionals only, the free-to-use app includes clinical decision resources taken from up-to- date guidelines and recommendations, such as Trend Diabetes’ advice for those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes during intercurrent illness.

In addition, a decision tool based on individualised care for the glycaemic treatment of type 2 diabetes taken from the ADA/EASD consensus documents will be available on the app. This has a particular focus on the management of people with chronic kidney disease or heart failure

The identifies the entire approach to glucose-lowering medication in type 2 diabetes along with recommendations when intensifying to injectable therapies. More content will be added to the app in the near future, Trend Diabetes has announced.

Trend Diabetes’ Co-Chair and Nurse Consultant, Debbie Hicks, said: “This app has been carefully designed to be user-friendly and offers concise, relevant information to help healthcare professionals in their day-to-day management of people with diabetes.

“This provides frontline staff with the latest information and supports the ethos of person-centred care.”

Fellow Co-Chair and Nurse Consultant, June James, added: “The development of our app reflects Trend Diabetes’ commitment to harnessing the latest technology to support healthcare professionals.

“It is designed for a range of users, from those who are ‘tech-savvy’ to those who are looking for easy-to-access information.”

The app is one of the latest developments from Trend Diabetes as the organisation continues to evolve to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and help them navigate and put into practice best evidence-based care.

To download the app, visit the App Store.

The content of the app has been produced independently by Trend Diabetes. The sponsors – Boehringer Ingelheim, Napp and Novo Nordisk – have had no input into the content or development of the app.

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