Lead Diabetes Nurse features in the latest episode of The Inpatient Podcast

Lead Diabetes Nurse, Ruth Miller, spoke to our reporter Lucy Holmes about her prominent career in diabetes and the issues facing those working in the field.

During the podcast, she also discussed her involvement in developing the Diabetes 10 Point Training Programme for inpatient staff to improve basic understanding and awareness of diabetes.

The programme was produced to combat potential harms to people with diabetes due to a lack of diabetes knowledge amongst front line staff. Ruth explained that these issues were avoidable and commonly due to straight forward issues.

The “succinct, fast, and highly relevant” 10 Point Training Programme has been accessed by thousands of frontline staff in Northwest London and beyond. Ruth spoke about the necessity for all frontline ‘patient facing’ staff to have access to diabetes training.

Established in 2014, the Diabetes 10 Point Training Programme was developed in response to concerns about inpatient safety and inadequate access to basic diabetes training for all healthcare professionals.

Ruth also discussed how her “endlessly interesting” career in diabetes began and shared her future plans, which included delivering training to prisons and detention centres, which have previously been neglected.

To access the Diabetes 10 Point Training Programme, click here.

To listen to the fifth episode of ‘The Inpatient Podcast’, click here.

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