Inpatient assessors wanted for new diabetes care programme

Healthcare professionals working within diabetes inpatient care are being encouraged to join a multidisciplinary group of professionals as an assessor for a new diabetes care programme.

The Royal College of Physicians requires several inpatient assessors for its latest pilot of the Diabetes Care Accreditation Programme (DCAP), which is currently being tested in the East of England and Wales.

Accreditation is a supportive process of evaluating the quality of clinical services against a set of standards including leadership, clinical effectiveness and safety.

It promotes improvement through highlighting areas of best practice and areas for change, encouraging the continued development of the clinical service.

Assessors are the face of the accreditation programme and play a crucial role to promote and champion DCAP standards and high-quality diabetes care across the UK.

They provide a supportive, fair and comprehensive assessment for services to promote their ongoing improvement.

Assessors are expected to:

  • Provide open communication with services during the assessment, building a productive relationship.
  • Undertake a remote assessment of services, involving the online review of evidence submitted and providing feedback to services through the website, as well as carrying out remote interviews with staff and people with diabetes.
  • Writing an assessment report.
  • Develop a good understanding of the accreditation programme, standards, evidence and requirements.
  • Provide constructive and fair feedback to services and receive feedback from fellow assessors.
  • Providing feedback to the programme team to inform changes needed for the future programme.

Successful applicants will undergo a detailed remote training programme. The programme team and other experienced assessors will be on hand to guide the successful applications through the process.

For more information about this role, click here. For any further queries or to apply for this role, email

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