Updated document on inpatient diabetes self-management published

The Joint British Diabetes Societies (JBDS) has published an updated version of a document designed to improve the safety of the in hospital management of diabetes. 

Now available on the ABCD website, the document focusses on self-management among inpatients. It has been written for ward nursing staff, ward pharmacists, the inpatient diabetes specialist team and for those who are involved in the writing and implementation of local diabetes care policies.

It is hoped that by allowing individuals to self-manage their diabetes in hospital, inpatient safety should be significantly improved. The guidelines suggest that the “default position” should be that the individual will self-manage their diabetes unless there are specific reasons not to.

Historically, people with diabetes have often been prevented from managing their own diabetes whilst in hospital. This has exposed them to mismanagement of their diabetes as a result of errors in the administration of insulin, mistreatment of hypoglycaemia and mistakes made in diabetes management.

The document covers a range of inpatient subjects from self-management of insulin pumps to guidance on self-administration of other diabetes medication.

To read the document, click here.

Photo by Frederic Köberl on Unsplash