Inpatient healthcare professionals urged to sign up to forum

Professor Gerry Rayman MBE is urging healthcare professionals to sign up to the forum which is aimed to “empower and enrich” inpatient staff.

The UK Diabetes Inpatient Forum (UKDIF) has been developed to improve diabetes inpatient care across the UK.

Registration is free and member benefits include access to the latest professional forum and offers education, webinars and podcasts. UKDIF members also receive monthly newsletters and are invited to an annual conference with awards.

Professor Rayman said: “This forum is must for all those working in diabetes inpatient care. As well as providing a platform for discussion and the opportunities to collaborate, membership of the forum will also give you access to the latest developments and best practice.”

The forum is managed by Orange Juice Communications and supported by Diabetes UK, ABCD, DISN and Trend Diabetes. To register, click here.

Photo courtesy of Pexels