New edition of diabetes technology in hospital guideline published

A top guideline on how to use technology to support diabetes care in hospital has been updated. 

Published by the Joint British Diabetes Societies (JBDS) for Inpatient Care, the guideline has been revised to include advice on how to make the best use of current technology to support diabetes care in hospital.

The guidance – Using technology to support diabetes care in hospital – states that all hospitals should have a written policy for the use of wearable technologies within the inpatient setting, including continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pumps and hybrid closed loop systems.

Additionally, hospitals should have a policy for point-of-care testing of networked glucose and ketone meters, according to the guideline.

The recommendations also outline that hospitals should routinely use the data from networked glucose and ketone meters to enhance inpatient diabetes care and should be regularly reviewed for audit and quality improvement.

The guidance also states that:

  • People with diabetes should be involved with the development of relevant hospital policies
  • Hospital management should ensure electronic prescribing and medicines administration are available, as well as enabling the ability to integrate diabetes technology with electronic health records
  • The hospital should ensure relevant staff training in the use of diabetes technology
  • Policies on the use of technology in hospital should undergo annual review and audit.

To read the guideline, click here.

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