Insulin Safety Week 2024 – the importance of insulin safety in a new tech age for diabetes

Building on the incredible success of last year’s campaign, Insulin Safety Week returns this year with a focus on safe use of diabetes technology – supporting efforts across the UK to reduce insulin errors within the healthcare profession.

The campaign’s primary objective remains the same – to raise awareness of insulin safety within the healthcare community – however this year there will be an expanded focus on innovation and technology.

Following recent NICE technology appraisal guidance on hybrid closed loop systems, Insulin Safety Week 2024 will help ensure diabetes experts and non-specialists are fully prepared for the phased roll out, reducing challenges around insulin safety.

Open to all healthcare professionals working in diabetes care, the nationwide campaign, held July 1-7, provides comprehensive printed and online resources to help increase understanding of the new technology.

Event manager Emily Mayhew said: “Insulin Safety Week is an important opportunity for nurses, doctors, and other healthcare staff to come together and strengthen their knowledge and understanding of insulin therapy.

“This year’s focus on safe use of technology will help improve patient outcomes and reduce the risk of adverse events.”

To register and receive your resource pack just email with the following information:

  • Lead organiser’s name
  • Name of trust/organisation
  • Number of participating sites (including names of each)
  • Telephone number
  • Address for printed pack
  • If you require t-shirts and amount (up to 4)

Insulin Safety Week 2024 is organised by Orange Juice Communications and has been funded by Embecta, Sanofi and Ypsomed which have had no input into any arrangements or content.

For more information about Insulin Safety Week 2024 visit

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