DSN Forum UK publishes new insulin comparison chart

Healthcare professionals can now access a new insulin comparison chart developed by the Diabetes Specialist Nurse (DSN) Forum UK.

The diabetes nursing group has created the chart to provide healthcare professionals with a concise document outlining all the different insulins and delivery devices.

Clinicians can use this new recourse to improve patient safety and reduce prescribing and administration errors.

The chart – Insulin types & available medicinal forms within the UK – is three pages long. Page one contains information about each insulin and the available medical forms, with the insulins categorised into their insulin action.

All insulins available in pre-filled pen devices, categorised by manufacturer, are outlined on page 2.Meanwhile, page three identifies all insulins available in cartridges for use with re-useable cartridge pens, categorised by manufacturer.

Vicki Alabraba, Director of the DSN Forum UK, said: “There are a number of different insulins available in the UK. Not all insulins are available in all devices and sometimes can be confusing and difficult to remember the specifics of every different insulin available.

“In recent years there has been more and more biosimilar insulins becoming available and some of the older insulins have been discontinued making it a challenge for clinicians involved in prescribing and administering insulin.”

She added: “We discovered that there were no up to date resources that provided information on the different insulins, and delivery devices in a simple concise format so we decided to put together our own.”

The chart will be updated regularly in line with any new insulin or device changes. The document was reviewed by the representatives from the different insulin manufacturers and no sponsorship was received for the development of the document.

To read the insulin comparison chart, click here.

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