Ramadan and diabetes leaflet published

Ensuring the safety of Muslim people with diabetes as they observe fasting during Ramadan is the focus of a new leaflet released by a team of specialist nurses. 

Trend Diabetes has developed its inaugural Ramadan and Diabetes leaflet to help people living with the health condition safely participate in the holy month.

This leaflet has been designed to help people with diabetes who wish to fast during Ramadan to understand how to manage their glucose levels and glucose testing during this time, as well as how to manage their food and fluids intake.

Information on how to manage glucose testing and how to manage non-insulin treatments during Ramadan is also available in the new leaflet.

In addition, the leaflet outlines when Muslim people with diabetes who are fasting during Ramadan should seek medical help from a healthcare professional.

June James, Co-Chair of Trend Diabetes and Independent Consultant – Diabetes Nursing, said: “I am thrilled to announce that we have developed our first Ramadan and diabetes leaflet – a significant milestone for our nursing group.

“This leaflet underscores our commitment to ensuring that individuals living with diabetes can observe the holy month safely and with the support they need.”

She added: “Together, we are empowering communities to navigate the intersection of health and tradition, fostering inclusivity, and promoting the well-being of all during this sacred time.”

According to the leaflet, people with diabetes who wish to fast during Ramadan and are taking insulin should contact their healthcare professional team.

Every year the Muslim population look forward to the appearance of the new crescent moon that signals the first day of Ramadan.

This time of fasting and celebration occurs in the ninth and most holy month of the Islamic calendar.

Debbie Hicks, Co-Chair of Trend Diabetes and Independent Consultant – Diabetes Nursing, said: “Our new leaflet not only prioritises the safety of individuals with diabetes during the sacred month but also serves as a crucial tool for healthcare professionals.

“Our leaflet equips healthcare teams with the knowledge and insights needed to support people living with diabetes who wish to fast.”

This year, Ramadan will run from on or around Sunday, March 10, for 29 or 30 days. Before committing to fasting, people are urged to consult with their healthcare team to assess their current diabetes management.

Debbie Hicks and Ravinder Dosanjh will discuss how Muslim people with diabetes can safely fast during Ramadan in the next Trend Diabetes podcast, which will be released next week.

Co-Chairs Debbie Hicks and June James lead the Trend Diabetes committee, with members representing different fields of nursing offering a variety of knowledge and expertise, all ensuring a true representation of diabetes nursing is achieved.

The committee includes representation from nurses from a variety of diabetes working environments, and from the four countries of the UK, providing a voice for all nurses working in diabetes, as well as acting as a resource for those nurses.

To read the Ramadan and Diabetes leaflet, click here.

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