Spaces now available for two-day training course on monogenic diabetes

A two-day training course is being held to inform clinicians on how to treat people with monogenic diabetes.

Registration for the event, which is taking place on Wednesday, December 6 and Thursday, December 7, is now open and organisers are encouraging consultants, specialist nurses and specialist registrars to sign up and attend.

The course is being held virtually, so individuals from all over the country can join and hear the plenary lectures delivered by Professor Andrew Hattersley and his team of global experts.

They will be delivering sessions on treating people with maturity-onset diabetes (MODY) and current practices and developments in the management of monogenic diabetes.

Some of the event’s highlights will include strategies to diagnose monogenic diabetes, management of MODY in pregnancy, genetic testing in the future, neonatal diabetes, inherited causes of insulin resistance, and much more.

Attendees have until December 5, 2023, to register their attendance; however, it is recommended you book as soon as possible for this informative event. Once registered, individuals will receive access links via email the week before the event.

Prices for attendees vary, with a £50 charge for specialist nurses, a £60 charge for specialist registrars and £70 for consultants.

To register your attendance for the two-day training course, click here.

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