Leading diabetes specialist nurse features in latest podcast episode

A diabetes specialist nurse and Trend Diabetes associate discusses the challenges of caring for people living with the condition in the latest instalment of The Inpatient Podcast.

Episode nine of the podcast features Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust’s very own Erica Richardson to share the details on her 10-year-long career in diabetes nursing, including her experiences of hospital management and upcoming exciting projects that she is working on.

The main issue that Erica goes into over the duration of the podcast is staffing numbers and their training.

Erica states: “Staffing is always an issue, so trying to maintain standards of care in services and develop services is always quite tricky.

“For staffing particularly in the specialist area, you need somebody who has experience or is willing to train, so often in a lot of areas they are not able to employ people who already have that expertise, they are having to employ people who they are having to train up to do the job.”

Despite being a catalyst for many of the NHS’ issues over the past few years, Erica explains that the pandemic did everyone a ‘favour’ by pushing them into introducing remote systems so training became online.

This meant that meetings could be attended from anywhere in the world and telephone and virtual clinics started being used.

Topics also discussed by Erica in the episode include the management of hypoglycaemia and hospitals being ‘sluggish’ in dropping medication once a patient has improved.

To listen to the podcast, click here.

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