Register now to take part in Hypo Awareness Week 2023

Time is running out to register for a nationwide safety campaign which helps UK healthcare professionals to learn more about hypoglycaemia.

Hypoglycaemia – or hypos – occur when a person’s blood glucose level is too low and it must be treated quickly as in severe cases it can be life-threatening.

Between May 2018 and October 2021, 4,255 hospital inpatients with diabetes experienced severe hypoglycaemic episodes which required rescue treatment, according to the National Diabetes Inpatient Safety Audit 2018-2021 for England and Wales.

Studies have also shown that while in hospital, more than half of people with diabetes reported not feeling in control of their condition and did not have trust in the diabetes knowledge of the non-specialist healthcare professionals who were looking after them.

To raise awareness about hypos, teams at UK hospitals and primary care organisations are being urged to sign up to Hypo Awareness Week 2023 so they can get hold of a free online resource pack for this year’s event which runs from Monday, September 11, to Sunday, September 17.

Event Manager Emily Mayhew said: “Hypo Awareness Week has been running for more than a decade and is an annual opportunity for the diabetes community to discuss hypoglycaemia in hospitals and primary care settings.

“By taking part in the event, healthcare professionals can massively help to increase education about the signs, symptoms and treatment of hypos among their non-specialist colleagues.

“The response to this year’s Hypo Awareness Week campaign has been absolutely incredible but there’s still time to register for our online resource pack which contains everything you need to roll out a successful local awareness campaign.”

This year’s Hypo Awareness Week online resource pack includes posters, leaflets, guidelines, logos, screensavers, a press release template and tips on how participants can organise their week.

Participants can also celebrate and share what they have achieved during Hypo Awareness Week by entering into the Hypo Awareness Week Excellence Award.

The annual campaign is organised by Orange Juice Communications. The project has been funded by GlucoRx, MySugarWatch®️, Sanofi and Vertex Pharmaceuticals which have had no input into any arrangements or content.

To register for Hypo Awareness Week, visit

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