Insulin Safety Week to provide vital awareness and education

A national campaign aiming to reduce insulin errors in hospitals and other care settings in the UK and Ireland will return later this month.

Hospitals and GP surgeries are being encouraged to take part in this year’s Insulin Safety Week, which is taking place from Monday, May 15, to Sunday, May 21.

The week-long campaign is designed to educate nurses, doctors and other healthcare staff about insulin and the need to understand the drug and use it safely.

Participating sites will stage training events to raise awareness of the condition. Resources, including leaflets, guidelines and educational slides, will be used to help spread the word.

Last year, a total of 425 sites took part in the national insulin safety campaign, organisers have announced.

Event manager Emily Mayhew said: “Insulin Safety Week is an important opportunity for nurses, doctors, and other healthcare staff to come together and strengthen their knowledge and understanding of insulin therapy.

“By educating healthcare professionals about best practices in insulin safety, we can improve patient outcomes and reduce the risk of adverse events.”

She added: “We are urging healthcare professionals to join together and use Insulin Safety Week to improve diabetes care.”

This programme is organised by Orange Juice Communications and has been funded by Sanofi who have had no input into any arrangements or content.

This project has also been funded by GlucoRx and embecta who have had no input into any arrangements or content.

Orange Juice Communications also organises Hypo Awareness Week, which has been taking place annually since 2012.

To register and for more information, visit

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