Latest DEVICE study results revealed at DUKPC 2023

Two diabetes inpatient experts have shared the latest findings from the Diabetes Emergencies: Virtual Interactive Clinical Education (DEVICE) study at this year’s Diabetes UK Professional Conference (DUKPC). 

Dr Ritwika Mallik, at Barts Health NHS Trust, and Dr Mayank Patel, at University Hospital Southampton, presented the results at the conference, which show that 89% of the study participants have used the knowledge learned from the VR training in their daily practice.

During the study, 39 junior doctors with little or no previous experience with VR education or gaming were recruited.

The findings show that 98 per cent of the participants felt they would use all or more than half of what they learned in their daily practice.

In addition, the results show that all of the participants expected that they would use the knowledge within three months after the study, and 72% thought they would use the knowledge within a week.

Three months after the trial, 96 per cent of the participants found that the VR scenarios were better for knowledge retention than standard eLearning module.

One participant said: “This was the single most useful learning experience I’ve had so far in my medical training,” and another stated: “It definitely made me feel like I was in the situation dealing with the patient as I would be in real life.”

Meanwhile, another participant noted: “I genuinely think if we did use this it would allow us to make better decisions in real life.”

According to Dr Mallik and Dr Patel, DEVICE could be a way to help educate non-specialist trainees in diabetes all over the UK and beyond.

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