Diabetes consultant recognised as international expert for hyperglycaemia

An established professor has been ranked as one of the world’s top 10 experts for hyperglycaemia.

Expertscape.com has recognised Professor Ketan Dhatariya, who works in Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, as the ninth leading researcher in the field of hyperglycaemia.

He has been placed in the top 10 for hyperglycaemia due to his commitment to conducting research and awareness on the topic.

Professor Dhatariya – who is set to be the chair of the ABCD in June, said: “I am lost for words. So many heroes of mine are on this list.”

He also holds a number of other national roles, including the co-chair of the Joint British Diabetes Societies Inpatient Care Group where he has led or co-authored the national guidelines on the management of various aspects of inpatient diabetes care including the guideline on diabetic ketoacidosis.

In addition, he is the chair of the Examining Board for the UK Specialist Clinical Exam in Diabetes and Endocrinology; immediate past President of the Diabetes and Endocrine section of the Royal Society of Medicine, and an associate editor of Diabetic Medicine and BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care.

Professor Dhatariya is also one of the authors of the national guidance around the treatment of children and young people with diabetes. He has ensured there is national consistency in the way children are treated when they are first admitted to hospital or first diagnosed with either type of diabetes.

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