Highly respected diabetes nurse features in podcast

A senior diabetes specialist nurse spoke to our reporter Lucy Holmes about different aspects of diabetes inpatient management in episode eight of The Inpatient Podcast.

Andrea Lake, Senior Diabetes Specialist Nurse at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, shares her career highlights during the podcast, as well as what considerations should be made when a person with diabetes is having surgery or another procedure.

She also discusses the differences between hospital and home management for people living with diabetes.

“There’s environmental differences. If you look at meal timings one of the things I commonly see you know at home a lot people commonly have their breakfast, their lunch, which tends to be sandwiches, and a main cooked evening meal usually between 5pm and 7pm,” said Andrea.

She added: “For many hospitals you have your breakfast, then you go onto lunch at midday and that is almost your main cooked meal for the day. Then you have your supper.

“Though they do have hot offerings, in terms of carb content quantity this is usually one of the lighter meals that is served at around 5pm. Then that’s pretty much it.”

During the podcast, Andrea also touches on what things should be done when a person with diabetes is admitted to hospital and what projects she is working on.

To listen to the episode, click here.

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