Trend Diabetes unveil agenda for forthcoming national conference

A glittering line-up of leading healthcare professionals will form part of the exciting agenda for the Trend Diabetes national conferences.

Taking place on Friday, June 9, at the Thistle Hotel Marble Arch in London, on Friday, June 16, at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham and then again on Friday, June 23, at the Hilton in Newcastle, the in-person events will address some of the leading topics in diabetes care.


Entitled ‘Diabetes: Making it personal’, the conferences will include the same content and aim to support diabetes healthcare professionals by sharing best practice, innovations and real-life experience.

Attendees will first be greeted by Trend Co-Founders Debbie Hicks and June James, who are chairing the national conferences.

Helen Murphy, Clinical Professor in Medicine (Diabetes and Antenatal Care) at the University of East Anglia, will provide an overview of conception to birth during the first speaker presentation at the London and Birmingham meetings. Donna Fincham, Consultant Obstetrician, will be leading this talk at the Newcastle conference.

Session two will see Sam Calder, Specialist Practice Nurse, look at the journey from menarche to the menopause.

Meanwhile, Consultant in Internal Medicine Jean McLeod will discuss how diabetes impacts older women during her speaker slot.

Halfway through the event the event’s platinum sponsor Lilly will host a symposium, organisers have announced. (Lilly has provided sponsorship for the delivery of the conference and have only had input into the symposium session they have sponsored).

Emma Church will be leading a session entitled ‘Does your sex matter’ and Stephen Lawrence, Primary Care Clinical Lead in Chatham, is hosting a presentation on men’s health and diabetes.

Diabetes and Endocrinology Consultant Professor Ketan Dhatariya will explore different ways to manage diabetes in people living with cancer at the London and Birmingham meetings. Dr Pinkie Chambers, Applied Health Research Lead at University College London, will be leading this talk at the Newcastle conference.

Jane Deville Almond, Independent Nurse Consultant, will close the speaker presentations with her session ‘Double Trouble – men and obesity’.

Registered delegates will have the opportunity to attend every session and will be able to ask questions to each speaker at the end of their presentation.

The conferences are free to attend, with spaces expected to fill up quickly due to limited capacity at each venue.

Delegates are advised to not register for all the events as the same programme is run at each location. Additionally, they are asked to not block book tickets, so just one booking per person.

If you are unable to attend the conference once registered, please cancel your booking as places are limited. To ensure you are able to book for the 2024 conference please give two weeks’ notice if you are unable to attend this year.

To register for June 9, in London, click here.

To register for June 16, in Birmingham click here.

To register for June 23, in Newcastle click here.

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