New study identifies a surge in number of diabetes foot disease hospitalisations

The number of people being admitted to hospital for small amputations and diabetes-related foot disease complications is significantly increasing, latest evidence shows.

More than 2,500 peer-reviewed articles which contain the words ‘incidence’, ‘amputation’, ‘diabetes’, ‘nation’ and ‘DFD’ were studied by a team of scientists.

Investigative reports that looked at the incidence of hospital admissions for a diabetes-related foot disease (DFD) condition, or a diabetes-related amputation were also assessed during the study.

Out of the analysed publications, 66 reported on amputation and 14 reported on diabetes, the researchers have said.

The results state: “The median (range) incidence of admissions per 1000 person-years with diabetes was 16.3 (8.4–36.6) for DFD conditions (5.1 [1.3–7.6] for ulceration; 5.6 [3.8–9.0] for infection; 2.5 [0.9–3.1] for PAD) and 3.1 (1.4–10.3) for amputations (1.2 [0.2–4.2] for major; 1.6 [0.3–4.3] for minor).

“The proportions of the reported populations with decreasing, stable and increasing admission trends were 80 per cent, 20 per cent and zero per cent for DFD conditions (50 per cent, zero per cent and 50 per cent for ulceration; 50 per cent, 17 per cent and 33 per cent for infection; 67 per cent, zero per cent and 33 per cent for PAD) and 80 per cent, seven per cent and 13 per cent for amputations (80 per cent, 17 per cent and three per cent for major; 52 per cent, 15 per cent and 33 per cent for minor), respectively.”

The diabetes-related foot conditions assessed in the publications included neuropathy, ulceration, infection, and peripheral artery disease.

To look at the full research experiment, click here.

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