Nurse attributes her diabetes career to CDEP

A former ward nurse has praised the Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme (CDEP) for helping her kickstart her diabetes career.

The online educational programme has equipped Margaret Asare with the right knowledge and skills she needed to become a diabetes specialist nurse.

Now working in the diabetes team at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, Margaret is championing how CDEP is beneficial for healthcare staff.

She said: “My diabetes career journey started with CDEP so I will be forever grateful to the programme.

“The flexible, easy-to-use nature of the training is fantastic as it allowed me to complete the bite-sized modules around my hectic schedule.”

She added: “It opened my eyes to the world of diabetes and improved my knowledge surrounding the condition.

“This allows me to transform the lives of people living with diabetes by providing them with better care.”

Margaret is championing CDEP and actively signposting her colleagues to the online training –

CDEP provides award-winning, competency-based, e-learning that’s aligned with the various national diabetes competency frameworks for healthcare practitioners, to support staff have the right diabetes skills for their role.

CDEP aims to support healthcare organisations improve the minimum standard of diabetes care across all health sectors by boosting staff knowledge and confidence to make a positive impact on the achievement of treatment targets and patient safety.

CDEP offers ‘bite-sized’ topics generating CPD evidence through certificates and reflection documents as well as CDEP rewards to incentivise staff to undertake training.

Over 76,500 topics have been completed to date robustly demonstrating CDEP’s overwhelming success in providing high quality, accessible online diabetes training.

For more information on CDEP, click here.

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