New members required for Diabetes UK council

Healthcare professionals with a broad range of diabetes experience are being sought to join a top multidisciplinary advisory body.

Diabetes UK is looking for several specialists to join the charity’s Council of Healthcare Professionals.

Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Public Health Professionals and Paediatric Specialists are particularly being encouraged to apply for the roles.

The Council of Healthcare Professionals is a multidisciplinary advisory body that informs the work of the charity and provides specific support and advice to diabetes specialists.

Duties of the council include:

  • Act collaboratively and provide multidisciplinary leadership on issues around diabetes care
  • Bring to the attention of the Board and Executive Team issues of concern to people living with diabetes and healthcare professionals
  • Comment on the plans and work of the charity to ensure it is meeting the needs of people living with diabetes and healthcare professionals
  • Contribute to consultations on particular issues

The deadline for applications is Friday, September 16.

To apply for the role, send your CV and a covering letter to, outlining why you are interested in this position and the skills and expertise you could contribute to the charity.

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