Top diabetes consultant becomes latest podcast guest

A prominent consultant in diabetes spoke to our reporter, Lucy Holmes, about the GIRFT programme in the latest episode of The Inpatient Podcast. 

Professor Partha Kar, who is the National Specialty Advisor for Diabetes with NHS England and the Co-Lead of Diabetes GIRFT with NHS Improvement, shared his journey into diabetes care and his proudest career achievements.

He said: “In the diabetes programme we have achieved quite a lot. I have seen a lot of positivity in the community about things that can happen. That probably would be the legacy and achievement I would be really proud of.”

Professor Kar also went into detail about ‘Getting It Right First Time’ (GIRFT). He discussed its benefits, challenges, how it was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and how focusing on specific areas and pressure points could improve the programme.

During the podcast, he also shared what exciting projects he is working on this year, which include a focus on ethnicity gaps within healthcare and closed loop trials.

He said: “There’s never an end of projects in my books. There’s a fair few programmes in the pipeline, so exciting times ahead.”

To listen to the podcast, click here.

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