Learning from claims: Forum to explore themes of lower limb clinical negligence claims

An upcoming forum will provide an overview of a report which examines clinical negligence claims involving patients who have diabetes and a lower limb complication. 

NHS Resolution is due to publish its report, Diabetes and Lower Limb Complications: A Thematic Review of Clinical Negligence Claims.

An overview of the report’s findings and recommendations will be explored on Thursday, May 12, from 12.30pm to 1.45pm, during a solution-driven and interactive forum. Attendees from all clinical/commissioning/governance backgrounds are welcome and are encouraged to share their own experiences and examples of best practice.

The themes within the claims were prevalent across several aspects of care including: prevention; pathways between primary care, specialist footcare services, and inpatient teams; peripheral arterial disease; and education and psychological support.

The forum will feature:

  • Dr Alex Crowe – Deputy Director Incentive Schemes and Academic Partnerships, NHS Resolution
    Overview of the thematic review process, using claims to extract learning to drive improvements, and taking forward recommendations to ensure implementation
  • Nicole Mottolini – Clinical Fellow (Diabetes Lower Limb), NHS Resolution
    Summary of key findings and recommendations within the diabetes lower limb report
  • Professor Michael Edmonds – Consultant Diabetologist, King’s College Hospital
    The important role of the MDFT
  • Dr Paul Chadwick – Clinical Director, The Royal College of Podiatry
    Integration and prevention to optimise patient outcomes
  • Michelle Stafford – Safety and Learning Lead, NHS Resolution. Diabetes Podiatrist
    Forum Chair, Panel Question and Answer and audience discussion.

To register, click here.

Please note that registration is restricted to NHS staff only.

If you experience any difficulties, contact safety@resolution.nhs.uk before the event.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

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