The Royal College of Physicians seeks applications for ‘crucial’ Regional Advisor

Applications are being sought for the Royal College of Physicians Regional Diabetes & Endocrinology Advisor.

The new recruit will be an essential part of the team and will support college tutors, approve consultant job descriptions, review fellowship nominations and work with the regional team to create a programme of events.

Additionally, the new Regional Advisor will offer their advice to physicians on a range of training, teaching and service activities that are pertinent to them.

During the COVID-19 pandemic this vital leadership role has been invaluable in providing local intelligence to help inform the work of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) to support physicians, as well as contributing to the wider response to this crisis.

Regional Adviser for North West London, Dr Elaine Hui said: “I felt privileged to be working as a regional adviser during the COVID-19 pandemic as it brought to light the issues surrounding doctors’ wellbeing, training and the enormous pressures on our medical workforce, and what everyone is doing to manage this.”

The post holder will ensure that communication will run smoothly between physicians in the regions, the RCP council and senior officers.

The RCP regional advisers are elected by their peers to serve their region in the UK.

While the role is unpaid, it will offer the successful candidate the opportunity to raise the profile of the RCP and it can count towards their CPD too.

Dr Mumtaz Patel, regional adviser for the North West, said: “My advice to anyone pursuing to be an RCP regional adviser or any educational role is to go for it.”

To apply for this role, click here.

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