DISN UK Chair to provide top tips for Insulin Safety Week

The new Chair of the Diabetes Inpatient Specialist Nurses (DISN) UK Group will unveil his vision for the future during a webinar to provide help to launch the next Insulin Safety Week (ISW). 

Erwin Castro, a Diabetes Nurse Consultant for Inpatient and Education at the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, replaced Esther Walden earlier this year.

As one of his first official engagements within the new post, Erwin will host ‘Top Tips to Kickstart Insulin Safety Week‘ which will take place on Monday, April 19 between 1pm and 2pm.

The online presentation is an introduction to ISW and will provide participants with suggestions and advice on how to engage with colleagues, encouraging them to also take part.

Over the course of the free webinar, Erwin will showcase initiatives which have been popular during previous ISW and provide suggestions on how to hold COVID-secure activities. He will also unveil the online resource packs which provide all materials for those who wish to publicise the event around their hospital.

In addition to discussing ISW, Erwin will also take the opportunity to discuss his vision for addressing the challenges from the ever changing landscape of diabetes inpatient nursing service provision and the future he intends to take the group. A live and question and answer session will take place at the end.

To register for the webinar, click here.

For anyone who would like to sign up ISN, please email emily.mayhew@ojpr.co.uk with the following information:

  • Lead organiser’s name
  • Name of trust/organisation
  • Number and names of participating sites
  • Telephone number
  • Address for printed pack
  • If you require t-shirts and amount (up to five)