Warrington Hospital is first UK site with dynamic diabetic eye scanner

Warrington Hospital is the only hospital in the UK to have acquired a brand-new diagnostic scanner which will reduce treatment times among people with serious eye conditions.

Worth more than £200,000, the state-of-the-art OPTOS machine will primarily be used to monitor people with diabetic eye disease.

The scanner will help reduce the amount of time people spend in hospital – something essential during the COVID-19 pandemic and one of the driving forces behind purchasing the machine.

The ophthalmic team at Warrington Hospital says it is delighted to share the news of the brand-new diagnostic test.

It added that the machine will revolutionise the way people with serious eye conditions are managed – including diabetic retinopathy and many other ophthalmic conditions.

The scanner works by capturing images of the central, mid peripheral and far peripheral retina which are wider than an ophthalmologist could see with a detailed face to face examination.

This in turn will shorten the length of time patients spend in the eye unit, minimise face-to-face contact, increase the number of people that are able to be seen and improve their experience.